ketu transit over makara rasi how it effects on uttara shada 2 padam

      People born under Uttarashadha (2, 3, 4Pada), Sravanam (4), Dhanishta (1, 2 Pada) comes under Makara rashi. Lord of this rashi is Saturn.

Jupiter transit over Virgo, 9th house from Aug 11, 2016, to Sep 12, 2017 Good
Jupiter transit over Libra, 10th house from Sep 12, 2017 to 11th Oct 2018

Saturn transit over Scorpio, 11th house from Nov 2, 2014, to Jan 26, 2017

Saturn transit over Sagittarius, 12th house from Jan 26, 2017, to June 21, 2017

Saturn transit over Scorpio, 11th house from June 21, 2017, to Oct 26, 2017

Rahu transit over Leo, 8th house from Jan 30, 2016, to Aug 18, 2017
Rahu transit over Cancer, 7th house from Aug 18, 2017, to Mar 7, 2019 Average
Ketu transit over Aquarius, 2nd house from Jan 30, 2016, to Aug 18, 2017

General predictions for year 2017

            This year you will get a mixed result and the favourable result will be more that negative result. Transit of Jupiter over 9th and 10th houses and transit of Saturn over the 11th house will give a good result. Transit of Saturn over the 12th house and Rahu in 8th house and Ketu over the 1st house will give a negative result. There will be some unexpected gains and losses indicating in this year. Health, family life and personal life will be good. There will be some changes in career and some people will purchase house or vehicle. You will enjoy good health and mental peace. Most of your pending works will be completed and in business you may launch a new project. A promotion in service or politics is strongly indicated. Financially this year will be average as you will earn enough money for yourself.

Family predictions for year 2017

            Transit of Jupiter over 9th and 10th houses and this will give good result regarding family and personal life. You will have good support from your family members and there will be an auspicious function indicating at your house. Rahu’s transit over 7th house may cause fights or misunderstandings with your life partner. So be careful regarding your relations. This year you may have some journeys and most of them are devotional. Jupiter’s transit over the 9th house will give you good spiritual experiences and visiting of temples etc. You may also meet some important persons in this year. Jupiter’s transit over the 10th house from September will give change in profession or you may be transferred to some other place. Your Sadesathi (Elnati Shani) is also starting from this year. You need to be careful as Sadesathi may cause heavy expenses or health issues.Ketu transit over Capricorn, 1st house from Aug 18, 2017, to Mar 7, 2019 bad

Health predictions for year 2017

            Health wise this year will be good but Saturn’s transit over the 12th house and Rahu’s transit over 8th house may cause some health issues. You may suffer from fever, leg injuries, allergies, and kidney related problems. Some of you may also suffer from liver problems. As Jupiter’s transit is favourable which will give you a speedy recovery from health problems. Rahu’s transit over the 8th house is not good for speed drivers, you are advised to control your speed and do not take driving easy as this transit mat cause accidents or problems with vehicles.

Finance predictions for year 2017

            Financially this year will give a good result. You will have good gains through investment, business, or salary hike. You may also purchase a vehicle, house, or property in this year. Those who want to invest in share market or on fixed assets better do it before August as after August Rahu’s transit over 8th house may cause financial loss. Your Sadesathi period is also starting from January this year so only do investment when you have a Favourable transit of Jupiter or Mars.

Career predictions for year 2017

            This year you will have good opportunities in your profession. You will have name and fame and support from your co-workers. You will also get promotion or hike in your job and few of you will get a chance to go abroad. Transit of Jupiter over the 10th house will also give a good result but there will be some delay in every undertaking. In business, you will have good success until September and after that, there will be some slow movement in your business. Transit of Rahu over 7th and 8th house also causes some slow business. This is not a good year for partnership business so better not to tie up with anyone for partnership.

Remedies for year 2017

            This year, you need to perform remedies to Saturn and Rahu. For this, you need to chant Shani and Rahu Stotra or mantra daily. Also, chant hanuman Chalisa and Durga Stotra for a better result. As your sade sathi period starting this year perform tailabhishekam to lord Shani on every Shani trayodashi day for better result.


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