Result of Jupiter in 7th house of chart


Result of Jupiter in 7th house of chart

Position of Jupiter in seventh house is generally considered auspicious but this Jupiter should not be posited alone and should not have the aspect of malefic planets. Seventh house also denotes partnership and business. Married life is also a sort of partnership. Marriage life will be successful and the native will be fortunate to have a loyal, devoted and intelligent spouse. The native may gain financial favors from wife. Children will also be supportive. Business partners will also be trustworthy and partnership may run for a long period. The results may be adverse if Jupiter is placed with malefic planets like Rahu or Ketu. Married life may get affected and there may be lack of trust in the relationships. But all these results can be felt only when Jupiter is favorable and strong.
This is believed that Jupiter in seventh house facilitates an early marriage. But this is not true all the time.
This placement is also considered favorable for those who are in the profession related to law and teaching.

Presence of Jupiter in the seventh house also forms very special and auspicious yoga in the chart. Hamsa Yoga is formed if Jupiter is placed in the seventh house in its own sign of in its exalted sign I.e., in the sign of Sagittarius, Pisces or Cancer. This has been observed that natives having this yoga, will be religious, educated, learned, knowledgeable and helpful. Benefic qualities of Jupiter will inherit in the native. The native may lead long life with prosperity and happiness.

Lal Kitab remedy for Jupiter in seventh house

One should worship Lord Shiva.
One should not keep idols of God in ones house.

Donations for Jupiter

Afflicted Jupiter generally creates problems in education, marriage and progeny etc. apart from some health related issues. Native with Jupiter in seventh house can be benefitted by donating turmeric or yellow colored sweets and clothes on Thursday. These donations should be made to some elderly person or priest.

Mantra of Jupiter

Lord Brahma should be worshipped to ward off malefic effects of planet Jupiter. Beej Mantra is
Om Graam Greem Graum Sah Guruve Namah


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