For people born under Mesha Rasi and Ashwini Nakshatra(Birth Star) Padam 1,2,3,4:

The transition of Saturn will bring moderate results for the persons born under the Ashwini Nakshatra. While Saturn will be present in the 9th House for your Birth Sign, The South Star (Ketu) transits from your 11th House to your 10th House. This will bring good name and fame for you and your popularity in your society will rise. Any delayed transactions with the government will be completed in a good way.Any problems in your family will start to reduce. People in joint families will experience some relief. Your fortunes will also increase. Any obstacles in giving and receiving longstanding dues will disappear. Your money stuck elsewhere will return to you gradually. Your income will increase. At long last, you will get time to intake your food according to your wishes.Your siblings will have celebratory occasions in their family.
Your interest in learning new things will increase. Your family discord will reduce and unity will grow among the family members. New people will enter your fold. For some people, opportunities for buying new house, vehicles or land will arise naturally. Any misunderstandings in the family matters will lessen.
New job opportunities and unexpected promotions will arise. Your co-workers will be kind towards you. Any couples living at separate places due to work will get the chance of living together. Childless couples will be granted their wishes. 
Due to the presence of Jupiter in the 8th Position, your immunity will diminish, resulting in diseases. For some, it may result in surgery or debts. Your father will be beneficial to you in terms of an unexpected windfall.

For people born under Mesha Rasi and Bharani Nakshatra (Birth Star) Padam 1,2,3,4:

The transition of Saturn will bring good outcome to this Nakshatra born persons. You will hear expected results. You will be energetic your actions and clever in speech. Your monetary situation will also become good. Your interest in new things will result in new efforts that are successful.Physical and mental hardships will disappear and your happiness will surge. Your income will rise according to your hard work; at the same time, your spending will increase due to celebratory occasions in the family. Your documents, ornaments, and things under debt will return to you. You will get seats in your preferred colleges and courses. Your mother will shower her love and support for you. Your siblings who had some misunderstanding with you will return to your fold. You will have the prospect of buying new house and vehicles. You will participate in new festivities and occasions, while your mind loves to indulge in these activities. For some, your job prospects look better. But for any reason, do not leave your job, even if your current position is unsatisfactory. Do not try for another job or career now.Your love story will be a happy one. Any longstanding celebrations will take place. For some, this is the time for new children. Your court struggles will still stand. Your debts will also keep increasing beyond measure.
Students should concentrate better in your studies. Do not indulge in gossip. You will receive good educational loans. You might get the chance for traveling to foreign countries. Your relationship with your spouse will be good. You might encounter some unhappiness due to your friends.

Saturn Transit 2017 – 2020 Effect for Karthikai Nakshatra

For people born under Mesha Rasi and Karthikai Nakshatra (Birth Star) Padam 1:

This Saturn transition will be beneficial for you. The presence of Sun God in 5th House and Saturn in your 9th position will reap profits for you. Your unanswered prayers will be answered by your Family deity and favorite deity. Your place in the society will rise. You will be dynamic leaving aside your old, lethargic self. Festive occasions will take place.
Your family will welcome new members. Their happiness will also increase.
Not only your court cases, but even your enemies will surrender to you. Those who had left you will return to you. Childless couples will beget children. Children will bring good luck to you. Your interest and talent in learning new things will increase. Your immunity will surge and any disease will not affect you long. Your career will also see an upturn.
Businesses and self-employed should be careful as success in investments cannot be guaranteed.
Unexpected trouble due to workers might arise and disappear. Your romantic interests will be joyful and pleasant. Prospects of buying new vehicles, houses or plots will arise along with your loans. Chances of going abroad are high. You should be careful in share market investments. You should take care of your spouse’s health. Money flow will be quite good. You will gain unexpected benefits due to others.You will get unpredictable gifts and degrees. Be careful while traveling. Don’t take unnecessary loans as this will result in loss of mental peace. You will get your pay and fame right according to your efforts. Though you might face lots of roaming you will gain from your efforts. You might be separated from your close relatives. Your employers will be supportive of you, but your co-workers might cause some unpleasantness.

During this period, your expected news might be delayed but will be eventually favorable. You will be active and energetic. Your standing in the society will rise slightly. Your skillful speech will serve you well. Your anticipated monetary returns will come in slowly in a gradual manner. Your new exertions will be profitable. You should not give loans needlessly.For some, there are gains in terms of clothes or ornaments. Your mother’s illness will abate or go away. Your siblings will be supportive of you. Opportunities for buying properties or vehicles will arise. You will experience frequent traveling and roaming, but they will result in success. Rumors about you will abound during this time. Your romantic interests will show lessened happiness. You will gain new friends in new places. You will experience some bitterness from close relatives.Childless couples will beget children. The self-employed people can see moderate profits. Partnership in import/export business will be fruitful. Unpredictable nasty situations will arise and disappear due to friends. Marital relationships will be passable. Be careful while traveling. Do not take unnecessary loans. 


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