About Us

ASTRODEVINE has expertise in

  1. Vedic Astrology
  2. Numerology
  3. Vastu

Astrodevine serving from more than last 15yrs.

At ASTRODEVINE , we are making great efforts to achieve the sense of wonder and mystery by introducing you all to Astrology , Numerology and Vastu and its mysterious and helpful world.
As India’s leading place for astrology services we are specialize in offering a variety of services in the various astrology categories:

Vedic Astrology

We provide accurate information on your Sun Signs, and Moon Signs, relative positions of the celestial bodies & their effects on human and life , planetary movements etc. from pre-eminent astrologers & experts of field across the country.


Numerology is closely related to the overall field of astrology. A lot of things rely upon the numbers and the importance of role they play in forming the future of the person. Here at Astrodevine our expert numerologists help our users to disclose the significance behind their birth date, untangle their number symbolism , cases to their personality characteristic, strengths and weaknesses etc.

We know that the structure/design of the home can cause to good, happy & peaceful living to the family living in house. Widely recognized as the astrological science of construction and architecture, which helps to understand importance and effects of good vastu in your life. At Astrodevine we have Expert Vastu Scientists who have very long experience with solving many Vastu-related issues and giving peaceful life to users.

Further, we also provide experts advice to solve your problems via rare branches of astrology like Nadi Astrology and Bhrigu Samhita.

For any further queries, please send us mail at: query@astrodevine.com